Meeting 2009-11-02

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proposed agenda items for November, 2009, meeting:


  • Case updates - Aaron take a look at pot inmate letter we got
  • DOC public disclosure
  • Decrim bill?
  • CRC updates - back space is great, water heater busted, air heater broke, block watch
  • Annual meeting, upcoming parties
  • Committee breakouts - cafe, office
  • Tony Barnhart in Michigan wants to set up a Michigan Potline modeled after ours. Suggestions for him?
    • Tony writes: "I will be taking the Potline "concept" to our local club this morning We have a building(restaurant) with wireless internet 24/7, we've already filed our 501(c)4 papers, and the owner has said that freeing up some "space" isn't a problem. Getting VOIP isn't an issue either. I do have a verbal commitment from the Michigan State University student cannabis community to staff it during the school year. We also have a law school at MSU, so they are also going to move forward with utilizing those resources, to help grow our own.
    • "Anything else I should be made aware of? Obviously, this is a rough shell of what we intend to do. We hope to work out the rest of the details, and have this up and running by January, 2010. If you, or someone would be so kind to fill in the areas where our planning has fallen short, I would greatly appreciate it. Doesn't have to be in great detail, or anything like that.
    • "Thanks for what you do out there. It's helping make our work a little easier to understand."
  • report of patients at methadone clinic in Lynwood having "earned carries" taken away because their urine tests positive for THC
    • Jimmy writes: "Patients at this clinic in Lynwood have had there earned carries taken away because they are positive for thc in the ua's. What can they do or what kind of help can you provide?"
  • Mountlake Terrace city government's confusion over WA MMJ laws; potential new dispensary
    • Aaron Panagos from writes: "We got our state business licence, got insurance, found a building, all to find out that Mountlake Terrace city hall does not recognize medical marijuana as legal. They are denying us our business licence on the assumption that the Washington state medical marijuana law does not apply to them. They claim that it is illegal to possess marijuana in Montlake Terrace no matter if it's okay by the state or not. I have spoken to our landlord and considered using our office as a resource for marijuana activists until we can open officially. We Have over 1600sqft and all the phones and Internet anyone could possibly want. So I guess long story short I have a big office next door to city hall that I would use to further the cause. Any assistance or suggestions would be appreciated."
    • Check phone messages - Phil thinks he remembers seeing one with updated information about this.