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January 12, 2009 Meeting


  • Board elections
  • Court case updates
  • Assigned Action Items Review from Previous Meeting
  • Stickers, stamps, posters, etc.
  • Paypal update, ChipIn
  • Fundraising marketing

Board Elections

In attendance were Dale, Angel, Jacob, Hope, Ric, Lee, Pam, Rachel and Ben. A call of hands was made for those interested in being on the CDC Board of Directors of which Angel, Jay, Pam and Ben raised up. A call was made to approve those who wanted to serve and a unanimous yea was heard with no nays in protest of the acclimation.

Court Case Updates

  • Monte LeVine: no update, no contact from Monte
  • Will Kuhl : The charges were dropped agianst Will and he now wants to retrieve his medicine from the Washington State Patrol. Ben is in contact with Will and will ask him if we can video his attempt to retrieve his medicine.
  • Alison Holcomb/ACLU Re: State v. Fry Ben spoke w/ Alison and she agreed it would be a good case for a demonstration. Note Alison recently sent an email from her office supporting our call to demonstrate on behalf of Bruce Olson.
  • Bruce olson: We will gather on Sunday evening January 25th at Hidden Treasures Bed & Breakfast to prepare for Bruce's pre-trial hearing Monday at 9am. As well, the B&B will be our staging area during the day Monday. Media Release will be prepared and released by Ben. Ads ran in the Little Nickle and The Kitsap Sun. Contact Josh Farley-Crime Report Blog and Chris Berment-Kitsap Sun for trial demonstration coverage. We'll need to reserve a passenger van and find a volunteer driver from the group.

Assigned Action Items Review from Previous Meeting

  • Implement Intake Form: *Pam from Noah at ASA -- Noah moved to MPP, still working on intake form for Pot Line Reports
  • Run Ad in Kitsap Sun for Bruce Olsen: *Ben -- Ben wrote media Release, printed posters & stickers
  • Public Service Announcement (comic strip form) on how MMJ pt's can avoid coercion by L.E.O.: *Pam & Chuck
  • 10th Anniversary Celebration of passing medical Marijuana Law: *Ric on location and ball rolling/party instigator -- fundraisers already in the mix-up for Doug incld 2 w/ New Monsoon and possibly more ice cream. Plans for a 10th Party still in the mix, may be a good to do a dual theme party of the new decrim bill and the 10 yrs of mmj.
  • Converse with Doug about the Dept of Corrections law suit: *Ben & Ric -- must obtain an itemized list of fees for law suit to establish fundraising goals; everything from deposition filing fees to Suzannes fees. This led to a need to create an interface w/ Doug of which Ben and Dale are going to masterfully create. fuck fuck fuck he likes the Green Label Scotch, Dale & Ben are going to request Doug send them emails whenever he needs overhead money for cases.
  • People we need: Media Contacts to write articles of current cases. Law School Students to form into Doug Clones. -- Ben learned from Alison that the UW law school legal clinic is a good place to cut off limbs to grow as Doug clones. Jk, Ben is going to contact or go there to investigate. As well, Gonzaga law School has a newsletter to advertise in. From that joke combined with the previous action item an idea came for fundraising of branding a strain of mmj as Doug Bud and when patients bought that strain the proceeds would be directed to Dougs legal defense fund, just an idea.
  • Contact ACLU/Alison in regards of demonstrating at the Fry case, filling the court room: *Ben -- as noted above the Fry case will need deomonstration as approved by Alison Holcomb. We'll flyer for that demonstration during Bruces trial-hearing.
  • Add CDC Logo to the donation envelop design: *Ben -- done

Stickers, stamps, posters, etc.

Ben has stickers for distribution and stamps (add more info here) Russ Haugue posters for the Bruce Olson trial and Steve Boyer for Bainbridge Island are here to take and hang.

Paypal update, ChipIn

The CDC has a PayPal account established, see more here (add link to accounting page)

Fundraising marketing

T-shirts are a great way to advertise, Angel and Jay are going to look into creating t-shirts for the group.

Other Items of Discussion

  • An item of discussion from the previous meeting was figuring out the best way to get fair protection from L.E.O. further discussion this meeting is to explore OMMA's history w/ L.E.O. as well as sensitivity training for officers. In lieu of sending a letter to the DoH on behalf of the CDC it was discussed to formulate an introduction to Satterbergs letter to be sent out to the rest of the State Prosecutors, Police Guilds and other Law Enforcement Agencies.

Assigned Action Items Before Next Meeting

  • Everybody - Olson demonstration build-up, postering and drafting of other supporters contact Sue Watson/Emerald Cross in Pt Orchard and Dr Orvald.
  • Ben - send out media release and contact Josh Farley to cover the Olson trial
  • Dale and Ben to create an interface with Doug to obtain itemized fees list for fund raising.
  • Ben - Contact Will Kuhl to video getting his medicine back from WSP.
  • Ben - contact UW Law School legal clinic to obtain Doug Cloning ideas.
  • Angel - research making CDC t-shirts.
  • Anybody - create a brief introduction to Satterbergs letter to LEO (see details above)
  • Pam - Pot Line Intake Form, C&V postering laws for Kitsap Cty, Bainbridge Isl. to wiki.

Next Meeting

The Historic Dunshee House has extended their graciousness to us to continue facilitating our meetings. The house is available to us on Monday evenings from 7:30pm to 10:00pm. Our meeting in February is projected for Monday the 9th.