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Revenue stream, public outreach, normalization and desensitization, work space, information spreading.


Also see Volunteers.

  • New signage - one wood, one plastic-type
  • Lot cleaning and re-striping
  • Event space - clean up stage, sheetrock
  • Cafe - get permits and stuff
  • Outside literature thing - stays dry, keeps people informed after hours
    • maybe as simple as a cork board covered with a sheet of plexiglass hinged at top, latched/locked at bottom
  • Office feng shui
  • Paint pot leaf on roof
    • visible from airplanes, aerial photography (to show up in Google Maps, etc.)
    • consider painting "" or "" also
  • Find light switch/breaker for the other half of outside lights (half are controlled by breaker -- labeled -- in kitchen)
    • 12 lights * 100 watts each * 24 hrs * 30 days * $0.08 per killowatt-hour = $70/month to power our floodlights 24/7
    • dusk-to-dawn sensor or timer even better
      • 1 - 2 months of not running lights during daylight hours could cover cost of this
  • Evaluate state of refrigerators and freezers

South Park


  • Sep 19, 2009 - Farmer's Market - 14th & Cloverdale
  • Sep 26, 2009 - Marra Farm Harvest
  • Oct 30, 2009 (Fri) - Halloween Carnival
    • location: South Park Community Center
    • time: 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
    • "Come join the staff and volunteers for games, face painting, treats, and prizes. We need volunteers, so please call 206-684-7451 if you are interested.
    • Ages 2 and older
    • Costumes are encouraged but optional.
  • Dec 5, 2009 (Sat) - South Park Arts' fifth annual "Art Under $100" holiday art sale

recurring meetings/events

  • South Park Chamber of Commerce meeting - 1st Tuesday of the month
  • South Park Neighborhood Association (SPNA) Meeting - 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Neighborhood Center (not the Community Center): 8201 10th Ave South

Event, fundraiser and other ideas

  • Open House
  • Art auction using county line artifacts redone by artists
  • Community mailing - announce, invite, survey, etc.
  • Newspaper boxes
  • South Park dining guide one sheet - is there already a community guide?
  • Candidate forum
  • Piano lessons
  • Yoga
  • Dance classes
  • Medical marijuana intro class
  • Growing classes
  • Arts walk
  • Movie night


One-time expenses

Equipment and rental:

$350 Nail gun
$500 Table saw
? Scaffold rental
$1500 Dumpster rental


$1000 Event space wall
$500 Patient massage room
$500 Patient vape room
$1000 Patient retail
$800 Public retail
$300 Squawkbox


~$500 Community mailing
$342 Spanish stickers
? - requires permit New signs

Monthly expenses

$1500 Rent
~$150 Electric (Seattle Public Utilities)
~$150 Water/Sewer (Seattle Public Utilities)
$48 Garbage (Waste Management)
$? Gas (Puget Sound Energy)
$60 Internet access


Without employees, we save ourselves much tax and paper work. We are already required to pay:

  • Washington corporate renewal - $59
  • Washington DoR combined excise tax - tax on gross revenue & retail sales tax
  • IRS annual filing - gross revenues?

If we set up shop in Seattle, we will also need to pay:

  • Seattle business license - $90
  • Seattle business license tax - tax on gross revenue

Patient retail inventory

The store will likely have minimal space, and probably won't stock everything. We can refer people to other places. Maybe we'll stock only stuff we think works good.

Grow equipment

Lighting, ventilation, nutrients.



Books and magazines

High Times, Cannabis Culture, West Coast Leaf, West Coast Cannabis, Grow, Skunk, Red Eye Express, Flow, ?



Bubble bags




Box-style vapor cannon. Volcano. I-Inhale. Any others?



Patient ID Center

Is this something that interests our membership?

September 2011 Location Search


Effective September 11, 2011, the Seattle Cannabis Resource Center has been shut down until further notice due to a hazardous materials contamination caused by neighboring contractors, and repeated, ongoing, intentional contract breaches by our landlords David Efron and Elaine Hartholz of Nelson Enterprises Management.

We are frantically searching for spaces to host our events, and perhaps host us long-term, as we arrange to have hazardous materials cleanup contractors deal with the toxic dust covering every single surface in our building.

Required/desired attributes

  • wheel chair accessible
  • meeting space to accommodate 100 people
  • ADA-compliant restroom
  • bus line close by
  • parking
  • kitchen
  • smoke friendly

Potential locations

Likable locations

Potential locations

Seemingly unworkable locations

  • BELLTOWN: 3131 Western #183 - Same place as elected 36th Dems. Ben and Richard drove by 9/28. Retail space on Elliott would suit us best. Retail space taken, offices have no ADA restrooms.
  • DOWNTOWN: Egbert's Showroom - Seems a bit expensive.
  • GEORGETOWN: 800 S Michigan - Ben and Richard drove by 9/28. Way back in the maze-like lot, office space.
  • GREENWOOD: 312 N 85th St - Not the greatest transportation access, or location.
  • NORTH: 12230 Aurora - Ben and Richard drove by 9/28. Very north Aurora like.
  • SLU: 300 Dexter. - Landlord gave a definite no. Ben and Richard drove by 9/28. Like it. Bicyclist was killed on the corner outside, sadly.
  • SLU: 416-420 Dexter - Landlord said no. Would not rent to us last year. Ben and Richard drove by 9/28. Love it.
  • SODO: 2930 6th Ave S - Ben and Richard drove by 9/28. Offices by Moe's Home Collection.

2010 location search

Likable locations

  • BELL 2121 3rd Ave 800-4684SF @ $7-15/yr - What's the deal with this space?
  • BELL 305 Bell St - 1250-3360SF @ $14/yr, on the city’s first street park to be built on Bell St. between 1st and 5th Ave. in 2010, expansion possibilities in neighboring space. Viewed. Could work. Definitely in the thick of it.
  • CAPITOL HILL 127 Boylston Ave E 2600sf @ $10/yr + NNN. Viewed. Interesting. Could work. video
  • CBD 1200 Stewart St 3000SF @ $12-15/yr - lease (was?) pending
  • CBD 1013 Stewart St 2000-5600 @$12 +NNN - Viewed. 6mo termination clause starting in 2011. Nice, could work.
  • CBD 1912 Minor Ave 2502SF @ $12/yr - Viewed. Could work. Next to future hookah bar. (!)
  • CBD 308 9th Ave N 3600SF @ $12.50 + NNN
  • CBD 321 Seneca 1720SF @ $24/SF
  • NORTH 7801 Lake City Way NE 1500-1968SF @ $13/yr - Viewed. Parking, standalone, a bit small and broken up, upper apartment, signage, massive vehicle traffic. video
  • PIONEER 423 2nd Ave 1000SF @ $15/SF + NNN
  • SLU 1405 Dexter Ave N 5400SF @ $3000 + NNN - Viewed. Like it a lot. Can have event space, huge cafe, view of lake, huge sign potential. Lovely, all in all. video - space was leased, we're now talking about space next door.
  • SLU 400-410 Dexter Ave N 3450SF @ $1/mo + NNN - too expensive
  • SLU 416-420 Dexter Ave N 5594SF @ $1/mo + NNN - too expensive

Potential locations

Seemingly unworkable locations

  • CBD 4th & Jackson 3100SF @$12 NNN? - Downtowner Apartments - not low key
  • BELL 2316 4th Ave 2160SF @ $2500/mo (no NNN) - kind of small, little character, and in a sort of dead zone, uninspiring
  • CAPITOL HILL 954 E. Union 20,000SF @ $10/yr, divisible to 2000SF, warehouse space east of Harvard Market on Broadway - slated for redevelopment - 90-day termination clause
  • GEORGETOWN 503-515 S Michigan St 2378SF @ $12/yr
  • INTERBAY 1109-1111 Elliott Ave W 3100SF @ $3000/mo + NNN - too expensive
  • NORTH 907 N 135th St 4000SF @ $2500/mo gross - old DOL building, large, secure, parking, icky ick aurora avenue.
  • PIONEER 619 Western Ave 2801SF @ $12/yr - Viewed. No gas, steam heat that can't be controlled, sketch wheelchair access, 6-month termination clause. Location, location, location. video
  • PIONEER 605 1st Avenue1238SF @ $2373/mo, Mutual Life Building, 1st & Yesler
  • PIONEER 83 Columbia St 800SF @ 18/yr gross, Journal Of Commerce Building: "Small retail/office suite off of Western Ave. Space has its own restroom and shower. Loft office, entry level reception and conference room. Very cool, creative space."
  • QUEEN ANNE 512 1st Ave N 1600SF @ $14/yr - Slated for re-development
  • SLU 526 Yale Ave North 2326SF @ $12/yr + $4 NNN, 7 dedicated parking spaces, Roof top deck access overlooking downtown, south lake union -- too expensive
  • SODO 3228-3230 1st Ave S 1777SF @ $12/yr
  • SODO 2227 4th Ave S - 1830SF @ $12/yr - LEASED
  • SODO 3633 East Marginal Way S 4000SF @ $.55/mo - dusty, no-mans-land