CDC Project List

Below are some of the projects the CDC has undertaken since our founding in 2008. Also see the Accounting page.

Strategic Goal: Support Prosecuted Patients

  • Traveled to medical cannabis court hearings and trials throughout Washington State to bear witness and provide moral support.
  • Created the Washington State Potline, a toll-free medical marijuana hotline where one may obtain legal info, attorney listings, and report marijuana arrests in Washington State.
  • Placed newspaper ads attacking county prosecutors who intentionally focus on medical marijuana prosecutions. and

Strategic Goal: Defend and Expand RCW 69.51A

  • Hired veteran lobbyist Lonnie Johns-Brown to work for passage of SB 5798 to expand our medical marijuana law to include naturopathic doctors, phsyicians' assistants, and nurse practitioners. Worked with bill sponsor and 36th District Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles to successfully pass the bill, which was signed into law by Governor Gregoire.
  • Filed a 1700-page public disclosure request with the Department of Corrections to determine how their parolee medical marijuana policy came about. The documents have shed light on a specific medical marijuana case where it appears DOC violated the law and attempted to cover it up.
  • Filed public disclosure requests with the state Department of Health for records of medical marijuana related investigations of doctors, after hearing about cases in which law enforcement agencies were using the DOH complaint process to harass doctors.
  • Created a public awareness campaign surrounding the Department of Health hearings to define what constitutes a "60-day supply" under our medical marijuana law.
  • Filed a petition with the Washington State Medical Quality Assurance Commission to add a "qualifying condition" to our medical marijuana law.
  • Sent a letter to every county sheriff, prosecutor and public defenders' office in the state informing them about the new Department of Health medical marijuana regulations, and reminding them about the overwhelming public support for medical marijuana.

Strategic Goal: Cannabis Education and Awareness

  • Compiled and printed our Washington State Medical Cannabis Primer & Courtroom Observation Companion, the quintessential guide to medical marijuana in Washington State.
  • Created the Cannabis Resource Center in Seattle's South Park neighborhood -- now in Sodo -- a public space dedicated to cannabis activism, which houses our offices.
  • Started a Cannabis College Night, offering weekly classes on marijuana law, medical cannabis cultivation, and the like.
  • Joined the Adopt-A-Highway program, cleaning up our very own signed section of the Maple Valley Highway, SR-169.
  • Opened a cafe to serve food to the under-served community of South Park, and to encourage the general public to visit our cannabis activist community center.
  • Printed and distributed thousands of free buttons and stickers with the message "stop arresting medical marijuana patients." Created and sold t-shirts with slogans in support of medical cannabis.

Strategic Goal: Stand Up For Cannabis

  • Organized and fundraised the 2010 Seattle Marijuana Liberation March.
  • Created posters seeking the identity of the confidential informant in the Joe Hyer case, in which the Olympia city councilmember was set up for a pot bust by another recently ousted councilmember and political mentor, possibly to pay off a drunk driving charge or as a simple act of revenge.
  • Set up a "freedom to travel" defense fund for Phil Mocek, a CDC member arrested at the Albuquerque Airport while returning from a drug policy conference for failing to show identification to federal TSA agents, and for recording with prior permission.