Cannabis Defense Coalition is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, membership organization devoted to reducing the harms associated with drug use. We advocate sensible, science-based drug policy, and for the health, safety and civil liberties of individuals and communities affected by drugs.


Recent moratoriums on and regulation of medical cannabis access gardens and points across the state of Washington are listed here. If you have any information about local moratoriums or regulations not listed or have up to date infromation please send us a note to or call 1-888-208-5332 and press 0 to be connected to a volunteer.

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CDC shut down by toxic dust
CDC shut down by toxic dust
The CDC has been "dusted out" of its space.

Effective September 11, 2011, the Seattle Cannabis Resource Center (one of CDC's projects; it's where our office is located) has been shut down until further notice due to a hazardous materials contamination caused by neighboring contractors, and repeated, ongoing, intentional contract breaches by our landlords David Efron and Elaine Hartholz of Nelson Enterprises Management.

We are frantically searching for spaces to host our events, and perhaps host us long-term, as we arrange to have hazardous materials cleanup contractors deal with the toxic dust covering every single surface in our building.

Tue, Oct. 18, 7pm Legislative Team meeting
moved to Ballard House, 2445 NW 57th St., 98107

Tue, Oct. 18, 8pm Safe Access committee meeting
moved to Alternative Care Clinic, 5609 4th Ave S, 98108

Thu, Oct 20, 7pm Cannabis College - Patient Survey, CDC wiki tutorial
tentatively moved to Ballard House, 2445 NW 57th St., 98107

Videos of the situation follow:

Ed Rosenthal's Guru of Ganja Medical Cannabis Cultivation Seminar

Ed Rosenthal, author of Marijuana Grower's Handbook, presents a comprehensive overview of cultivation. Gardeners at all levels, new or advanced, will find tips and techniques to save time, labor and energy. Seminar includes Q&A time with Ask Ed.

Safe Access Best Practice

Version 1.0
August 16, 2011

The Cannabis Defense Coalition (CDC) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, membership organization devoted to reducing the harms associated with drug use. We advocate sensible, science-based drug policy, and for the health, safety and civil liberties of individuals and communities affected by drugs.

Having formed the “Safe Access Committee” - For patients, collectives, medical professionals, or any access point as defined by law in the future as well as anyone else interested in seeing safe access to medical cannabis. Will work on devising best practices to help inform the regulatory process. May ultimately break down into smaller committees for focused efforts.

The goal of this section is to assist medical cannabis patients and participants in maintaining safe collective gardens, processing establishments, and co-operatives/agencies by offering suggestions for different types of security measures, both indoors and out.

Audio from CDC monthly session

Cannabis Defense Coalition monthly session audio

Starting in February 2011, the CDC is recording and publishing its monthly public meeting. The recordings are archived permanently on

November Session
Monday, November 7, 2011

August Session
Monday, August 1, 2011

More federal raids in Spokane

Federal medical cannabis raid underway in Spokane

UPDATE MAY 19, 2011 -- A day after the federal government, abetted by Spokane police, executed a second wave of raids againt medical cannabis dispensaries, it appears that only one dispensary remains open in the city. Medical Herb Providers, raided yesterday, opened its doors this morning, with protestors gathering in the event of a follow-up raid today.

As of 1 p.m. Thursday, DEA and local police in full tactical gear have been repeatedly driving by MHP, "casing the joint." Witnesses claim the police are gathering at a nearby business in what appears to be preperations for another raid.

Legal observers are encouraged to attend in order to bear witness to the thug-like tactics our law enforcement, under the direction of an oppressive federal regime, are employing against medical cannabis patients and providers. MHP is located at 306 N. Freya St. (at E. Front Ave.), Spokane WA, 99202.

SPOKANE, WA. MAY 18, 2011 -- More federal medical cannabis raids are underway in Spokane, Washington. One of the few remaining dispensaries in the area, Medical Herb Providers, was being raided as of 2 p.m. May 18. It is uncertain if any other raids are being executed by the US Attorney Michael Ormsby.

Raid and protest address is 306 N. Freya St. (at E. Front Ave.), Spokane WA, 99202. Citizens are encouraged to bear witness.

Jessica from MHP reports that DEA was involved, and that one worker was arrested.

Lecture Series: May 18: Dr. Michelle Sexton: Demystifying Cannabis Analysis

Cannabis Lecture Series

Analytical testing of botanical medicine is an important aspect of safety and quality of the plant material. Certificates of Analysis are required across the natural products industry and applied to all botanicals (under the Dietary Supplements Health and Safety Act [DSHEA]). While there is plenty of information available on the potential therapeutic use of Cannabis, little of this information has been subjected to a widespread peer review and none of this information in North America has been coupled with the identity, quality control, purity, and testing rubrics to ensure safety, efficacy and tools needed to be compliant with independent standards.

Establishing guidelines for testing is only one of the topics addressed in the current document in process by the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia: Cannabis Monograph. Dr. Sexton is a technical advisor to Roy Upton on behalf of Americans for Safe Access in the drafting of this document, which will likely be a significant tool to use to approach the cannabis rescheduling issue and take it to a next level.

Come to learn the basics of the analytical tools, the questions to ask in selecting a laboratory, what it means to have a 'validated' methodology, and give input on what information is important on a certificate of analysis for medical grade Cannabis plant material and products.

* What: Dr. Michelle Sexton, ND: "Demystifying Cannabis Analysis"
* When: Wednesday, May 18, 2011 at 7 p.m.
* Where: Cannabis Resource Center, 1714 1st Ave S Seattle in Sodo
* Map:
* Details: free and open to the public

Follow-up attack on medical cannabis introduced in Senate!

OLYMPIA, WA. MAY 10, 2011 -- The state senate has introduced a follow-up bill to the devastating legislation that was partially-vetoed by the governor two weeks ago. SB 5955 would ostensibly authorize nonprofit dispensaries, but in reality, it would effectively ban dispensaries outside of Seattle.

For the few remaining dispensaries that can raise an affirmative defense in court it requires registration with the secretary of state and department of health. Any group of three or more patients living together and growing cannabis would face mandatory registration with the department of health and secretary of state. Nonprofit dispensaries would be required to keep a copy of every patient's state ID on-site. Patients and providers are enticed into registering their medical cannabis status with the state government, one of the primary sponsors of the terror perpetrated against our community.

CDC opposes SB 5955

The Cannabis Defense Coalition opposes SB 5955. We believe it is hastily drafted legislation. We believe it will have dramatically negative effects on safe access to medical cannabis throughout Washington State. We believe it is part of an effort by law enforcement to weaken our state law. We believe it will require the few remaining dispensaries who haven't had their affirmative defense yanked by the governor to register with the state for easy targeting by local police and the federal government.

Legislature: Hands off Washington Patients!

Hands off Washington Patients!

The medical cannabis bill that was signed into law on April 29 was a tragic setback for Washington State medical cannabis patients and providers. With the partial veto, Governor Gregoire carved a patchwork of legal language to deny the protections of our law to many qualifying patients and providers, as well as to outlaw grey-market dispensaries that have operated for 15 years in Washington State.

The sections vetoed and the sections approved were exactly in-line with requests from the prosecutors' lobby -- aided (and abetted) by the federal Department of Justice through its US Attorneys. Now Governor Gregoire has "given her blessing" to a follow-up medical cannabis bill, so long as it addresses only two things:

  1. authorizing small "nonprofit patient cooperatives" and
  2. creating a statewide database of medical cannabis patients.

This bill will give law enforcement the final victory in their medical cannabis legislative agenda. Indeed, at a meeting on May 2 to discuss potential legislation for the special session, the sheriffs' lobby distributed draft language for a state registry.

The "nonprofit patient cooperatives" are arguably legal under current law, if they are "collectivizing" the cost of producing medicine. "Authorizing" them can actually be seen as "limiting" them dramatically. The bill would also require every such patient cooperative to register with the state government. Law enforcement are working to target our community, to weaken the protections afforded by our medical cannabis law. It was, in short, a set up.

Now more than ever, medical cannabis patients and providers must inherently distrust our state and federal governments. In removing the affirmative defense for existing dispensaries, our state government has done enough for medical cannabis patients this legislative session. It is not time for a patient database, it is time for state government to get its hands off Washington patients.

The "son of 5073" is expected to drop Monday, May 9 and hit the senate Tuesday, May 10. The legislature has two weeks to pass it before the special session ends. The leaders of all four caucuses and the governor must agree to let it see the light of day -- a so-called "five point agreement." The governor is lobbying for the bill, the house and senate democrats are mostly on board, but the house republicans have expressed a disinterest in focusing on matters unrelated to the budget crisis.

Washington State petitioned to reschedule cannabis

Petition filed to reschedule cannabis in Washington State

SEATTLE, WA. MAY 3, 2011 -- A coalition of medical cannabis activists has filed a petition to remove cannabis from the Washington State's list of Schedule I drugs. The move comes in the wake of Governor Gregoire's partial veto of a medical cannabis bill and her comments that she would petition the federal government to reschedule cannabis.

The petition was filed by the American Alliance for Medical Cannabis, CannaCare, and the Cannabis Defense Coalition. Two dozen individuals signed on to the petition also, which was received by the Board of Pharmacy, a stage agency under the purview of the governor.

Petitioners claim that cannabis fails the state's Schedule I test which requires a drug to have "no currently accepted medical use." Our own Department of Health, operating under the purview of the governor, have ruled that several conditions are benefited by the medical use of cannabis. Indeed the governor reiterated this in her veto statement:

"I also expanded the list of illnesses thatmedical marijuana can be used for from cancer, HIV, MS, epilepsy, and seizures to also include: Crohn’s disease, Hepatitis C, anorexia, and other conditions approved by the state medical quality assurance commission."

-- Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire

A hearing date for the rescheduling petition is expected within 30 days. The Board of Pharmacy may approve or deny the petition. If denied, petitioners must appeal to the governor, after which they can file suit in superior court. From there, an appeal may work its way up to the supreme court.

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