Fundraising for our Lawsuit 10-5-10

Called around to various dispensaries today to raise money. Here is a short summary of the the days calling.

Absolute Wellness
delivery 9am-6pm
south king county, pierce county, Thurston, Lewis, Mason

They said they would try and raise some funds for us from their patients and providers. They will call back the Potline with more information.

B&A A green thumb production

Listened to me for a while about our lawsuit and then the call was terminated after I asked for help with donations. No answer on call back

Evergreen holistic centre

Will speak with the owners about our lawsuit and see what support they can give to us. Thanked us for doing this important work :)

Goodies Green Label

No answer must be cooking brownies :)
On a previous call they said they were busy cooking and to call back later.

Green Hope Patient network

Will see what they can give and donate online