Green Buddha owner takes over initiative sponsor's web site

Green Buddha owner Muraco Kyashna-tocha

Updated May 4, 2010 at 7:55 p.m.


Note in the comments section of these Seattle Weekly articles that Muraco Kyashna-tocha has begun repeatedly commenting under "third party" pseudonyms. Kyashna-tocha is well-known throughout the medical marijuana community for this type of erratic behavior.

May 4 - Green Cross web site affected

The web site was altered, apparantly by Ms. Kyashna-tocha in her ongoing electronic retaliation campaign against Compassion In Action after a Green Buddha patient reported to her that his landlord mother was left with $2,200 in unpaid utility bills in a rental deal gone sour.

The web site, maintained by the Green Cross Patient Co-op, used to answer the question "How do I find a marijuana friendly doctor?" with information on educating one's doctor. It now reads:

How can one find a "marijuana-friendly" doctor? 206-319-0600

Their is no list of "medicinal marijuana" doctors maintained. The protections of the Medical Marijuana Act are meant to be applied to the relationship a patient already has with their current physician. The best place for a patient to start is to have an honest discussion with their own doctor. If that doesn't work try the web site. Resources and reports about MMJ in Washington State:

Reading into Ms. Kyashna-tocha's often confusing action and prolific, cryptic writing, she seems to be rallying against medical marijuana authorization clinics which operate in conjunction with medical marijuana dispensaries. On the web site, she added an auto-playing, profanity-laced message left on CannaCare's voicemail by Dale Rogers, who she describes as:

"head of Dunshee House/Compassion - where you get authorized AND your meds all within the same organization."

More as this story continues to unfold.

May 3 - Site updated with angry voicemail

Compassion In Action executive director Dale Rogers

Monday night, Kyashna-tocha updated the site to automatically play a profanity-laced voicemail left by Compassion In Action head Dale Rogers which accuses Kyashna-tocha of working for Steve Sarich's CannaCare on the CannaCare voicemail. The site reads:

"From Dale Rogers head of the Dunshee House/Compassion - where you get authorized AND your meds all within the same organization"

Kyashna-tocha goes on to make a claim that she is the rightful owner of

"Contrary to the confusion - this domain has NEVER been owned by the attorney Douglas Hiatt (same as ain't owned by the White House). Douglas Hiatt once had an email address associated with this domain but that imparts NO ownership (does your gmail account mean you own a bit of google?) and this domain no longer hosts any email."

The domain is still for sale for $4000, money that will be repaid to a Green Buddha patient Kyashna-tocha felt was slighted by a Compassion In Action patient in what appears to be a co-beneficial rental situation turned landlord-tenant dispute.

May 2 - Douglas Hiatt's web site hacked

Seattle, WA -- The owner of a Seattle medical marijuana dispensary has launched a cyber-attack against the sponsor of a statewide marijuana legalization initiative.

Muraco Kyashna-tocha, proprietor of the Green Buddha patient network, deleted the web site for Compassion In Action, another local dispensary. Kyashna-tocha runs a web hosting company and started hosting the site while she worked as legal assistant to the organization's long-time attorney, Douglas Hiatt. Last week the group found its email non-working, its popular discussion list deleted, and its web site redirected to a third local marijuana provider, CannaCare.

Mr. Hiatt contacted his former assistant last week in hopes of resolving the issue between the two dispensaries. In response, Ms. Kyashna-tocha launched an attack on her former employer's web site, Having originally registered the domain name on her employer's behalf, Kyashna-tocha still had the login details for Mr. Hiatt's domain name. Over the weekend, the Green Buddha owner took over Mr. Hiatt's domain, moving his web hosting from a third party to her web hosting company, redirecting his email, and replacing his web site with a $4,000 ransom demand. In alluding to her ransom reasoning, Kyashna-tocha wrote:

"ALL proceeds will go to pay for the damage ($2k approx) and unpaid utility bills ($2.2k approx) for that West Seattle house rented by the Dunshee folks ..."

That statement has now been replaced with a page stating the site has "a new owner," that it is still available for $4000, and ends with:

"Respectful medical marijuana patients DO NOT trash rental properties and they pay their utility bills!"

From what we can gather, this has something to do with a Green Buddha patient claiming that a Compassion In Action patient attempted to rent a house from them, and some months into the agreement, the relationship soured. When the Green Buddha matriarch received word of this, she decided to take action against her cross-town rival -- and their attorney.

Mr. Hiatt is the primary sponsor of statewide Initiative 1068 which would legalize marijuana if enacted by voters. He also represents numerous medical marijuana patients and dispensaries throughout Washington State. He expressed concern that the state and federal courts send him notices through email, and now that the Green Buddha has redirected his email, he is no longer receiving these notices.