De-fund the drug czar!

De-fund the drug czar

UPDATE March 4, 2011 -- We've been seeing these posters about town. Check out the CDC Flickr page for a few photos.

De-fund the drug czar

On February 18, the Seattle Times published an editorial urging the Washington State Legislature to legalize cannabis. In response, the feds are sending their top drug cop -- the ridiculously titled "Drug Czar" Gil Kerlikowske -- to work on getting the Times to rescind its position, or at least slow the slippery slope its ink-barrel advocacy could become. According to The Stranger, Seattle's former police chief will be back in town to hammer and hype the Seattle Times full editorial board this Friday, March 4.

In response to this dog and pony show, the CDC has joined recent calls to de-fund the Office of National Drug Control Policy. Someone sent us a nice, simple poster on the subject, and we are re-distributing that on our web site. We hope to hang a few of them around town for the czar's arrival.

Please also add your name to the petition to Defund the Drug Czar, and show your support for the Polis-Paul amendment to H.R. 1 which would eliminate the Office of National Drug Control Policy and save the government $1.5 billion over the next 10 years.